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First off, Happy Newa Year. Hope everyone's new year was fun and safe. I haven't much time to work on the site. There are a few links that I need to add. Other then that I have added a custom 404 pge, the page that shows up with pages that don't exist. I'm still trying to find a easier way to organize the links. Most of the scripts I have been finding cost more money than I make from this site, which is nothing. If you would like to help e-mail at . I hope this year is profitable for all.


3:00 PM- I had some time on my hands since the bank is closed today so I have the page user friendly for those with 800x600 resolution. It the page doesn't fit just email me and I'll make the adjustments.

11:00 AM- Well that whole new link thing didn't work the way I liked so I deleted it. Someone had to complain so I thought I'd mention what happened here. Maybe (in a blue moon and when pigs fly (theatre tricks don't count)) I might learn MySQL and make things easier but until then I'll have to update everything manually.


Again, some more time on my hands and I've made some big changes. Yeah, Yeah, I know you can't see them here. Well that's because I've found a new way to keep the links organized, and allows you to add links much easier. It also has room for descriptions, searching, favorites, and top viewed sites. Check it out at and add links while I slows more the whole list over there after probably inspecting every link.


Well I had some time on my hands. I added a few links here and there. I also tried to make the pages load faster by removing some of the ads, but don't forget to help me out still when you buy things online like at Amazon. It doesn't cost you anything extra but i get something out of it, isn't that nice?


I added a search box to find companies easier. Check it out. I still have to change a few things to make it easier to find things, but for now that's all I have time for.


I've started going threw some of the links to find 'bad' sites (company no longer exist or directs to wrong place). I started the lighting links but if you find any others please tell me. I also added a featured product finally.


Added another jokes page. The code numbers for headset talk. If you have any more please e-mail me. Also fixed a few pages that where having troubles. Much get back to the show, e-mail me with any problems or concerns.


Just doing some touch up on the site. I was told that I didn't have all of the Techie Gospel, so i searched and found the missing pieces. Also added a section for featured products.


4:00 PM- Everything is working now. Hooray. Make sure to change you links to . When I get some more till I'll add a few more joke pages and restructure the menu to make it easier to read and find information. Please feel free to email me suggestions.

10:00 AM- Running into a few troubles but i hope by the end of the month everything will be straighten out. I added the Techie Gospel, its in the jokes section, and its pretty funny. That's about all for now. Thanks to Konsole for all his help with this site.


Well its a new year. Haven't had much or the time to update. But now that I have time I will soon have big changes!!! A domain name. SOON it will be Check there soon for the page, and expect more updates soon.


Changed a few small things to make my life easier to update this site. I also added a new link to the tickets section.
Have a happy and safe holiday!


Finally decided to work on the format again, and I think I found something I like. Most of the pages have been changed but there are still a few with the old style. Happy Holidays if I don't finish it by then.


Added a deferent menu to the left. I will also changed the format slightly.

The beginning

I thought I would bring back a similar site full of links.
Welcome to Tech Theatre Links, the site is sorted into the categories at left.
Any other features that will make it easier? Any suggestions? E-mail at .

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